Form style

When you create a new form, think to specify the bootstrap class .well like it is presented below in views/experiment/_form.php for the experiment form :

<div class="experiment-form well">

   <?php $form = ActiveForm::begin(); ?>

Activate animated multiple background images feature

If you want to activate animated multiple background images feature, go to views/site/index.php . Add use app\components\widgets\FullScreenImageSliderWidget; at the beginning of the file and use the code below.


               FullScreenImageSliderWidget::IMAGES_URL_LINK => [ // local image links
            // FullScreenImageSliderWidget::DURATION_PER_IMAGE => 10 // time in seconds between two images

More information

Image links are concatenated with {web_app_path}/web/images/. For example, background/wallpaper_grapes_vine.jpg in the example code below will create a link to {web_app_path}/web/images/background/wallpaper_grapes_vine.jpg.