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Acquisition session metadata file

How the generate acquisition session metadata template with PHIS data ?

Once the template file has been associated to the PHIS instance infrastructure with the right type (e.g. http://www.phenome-fppn.fr/vocabulary/2017#AcquisitionSessionUAVDocument), you can generate a new file with PHIS data within.

The latest file (sort by the creation date) with the wanted type is retrevied and stored on the server.

A sheet named HiddenPHIS with the data retreived from the service GET /acquisitionSessions/metadataFile will be added to this file.

To make a call to GET /acquisitionSessions/metadataFile, you must fill the vectorRdfType GET parameter (e.g. http://www.phenome-fppn.fr/vocabulary/2017#UAV).

For example, the data retreived has the following json structure for UAV and each json object represents one line of the HiddenPHIS sheet in the excel file.

java { "metadata": { "pagination": { "pageSize": 20, "currentPage": 0, "totalCount": 24, "totalPages": 2 }, "status": [], "datafiles": [] }, "result": { "data": [ { "Camera_type": null, "Camera_alias": null, "Camera_uri": null, "Vector_type": "http://www.phenome-fppn.fr/vocabulary/2017#UAV", "Vector_alias": "my-drone", "Vector_uri": "http://www.phenome-fppn.fr/my-installation/2018/v1802", "RadiometricTarget_uri": null, "RadiometricTarget_alias": null, "Installation": "http://www.phenome-fppn.fr/my-installation", "GroupPlot_type": "http://www.phenome-fppn.fr/vocabulary/2017#Experiment", "GroupPlot_alias": "EX_18", "GroupPlot_uri": "http://www.phenome-fppn.fr/my-installation/EXP2018-1", "GroupPlot_species": "maize, appletree", "Pilot": "uav.pilot@example.com" }, {...} ] }