OpenSILEX developpers documentation


OpenSILEX is collaborative meta-project developped at MISTEA joint research unit (INRA - SupAgro) at MISTEA web page. More information on OpenSILEX is available at OpenSILEX web page. The main product of OpenSILEX is Phis (Phenotyping Hybrid Information System), which is developped for high-throughput plant phenotyping in close interaction to plant phenotyping communities. See at PHIS web page and at publication.

Documentation structure

Collaborate to OpenSILEX Install and use Phis
- code versionning and integration workflow : Versionning using git
- validation of development tasks : Functionality Validation
- learning the code style used in OpenSILEX developments : Coding Style

- Phis setup essentials : Quick Installation Cheatsheet
- instructions for the deployment of Phis : Local Installation
- instructions for integrating BrAPI calls : BrAPI Implementation
- contributing to the WS : Web Service
- contributing to the App : Web App


Contributors to this documentation are agents of the joint research unit MISTEA (INRA - SupAgro) in Montpellier :

Pierre-Etienne Alary, Morgane Vidal, Anne Tireau, Alice Boizet, Sammy Gilles, Vincent Migot, Andreas Garcia, Arnaud Charleroy and Pascal Neveu.

Every OpenSILEX main developper or contributor is welcomed to enrich this repository with its experience of the development of information systems (e.g. PHIS) produced within OpenSILEX.


This documentation is currently under developpement. If an user of OpenSILEX developments wish to point out a flaw in this documentation, (s)he is welcomed to do so in this repository’s GitHub issues.

Concerning issues with OpenSILEX PHIS itself, users are invited to report them via the GitHub issues of the repositories causing trouble, for instance phis-ws/issues for problems concerning the Web services and phis-webapp/issues for issues with the Web client.

OpenSILEX development team can also be contacted through its official email address or through the mailing list when reporting a bug or seeking help.

Keep up to date

In order to keep abreast of the latest OpenSILEX PHIS development, one can :


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